Why Have A Great Sales Team

A great salesman is “one who can sell a comb to any bald man!” or “one who can sell a refrigerator in the Eskimo land!”.

Gone are those days and those definitions – these don’t work anymore.

A good salesman is one who knows how to serve his customer well.

Selling is no more about selling one time. Today selling is about selling to the same customer again and again and retaining him and thus getting more and more of his share of business. Parallely identify and add new customers!

Earlier days, companies had a certain product differentiation and it was a manufacturing driven market. With technologies available to all, equal level playing fields consumers now have a wide choice. True,  companies are spending  billions of dollars in research to drive product superiority. They have superior advertising budgets for building up the hype on media. But it is a matter of time when competition also catches up with similar or better innovation, advertising and media. We witness these in the Mobile phones market, Color TVs, Automobiles, Colas, Soaps & Detergents and even Insurance and financial products.

So who will be the one who will give the companies the winning edge in the market?

No marks for guessing correctly! It is indeed our own “Salesman”!

Having a great sales team is always an asset! The difference between a “Good Sales Team” and a “Great Sales Team”  is clearly seen in the market. Nett measurable results would be a good additional 10 percent market share for the same market, for the same products or services, but with a great sales team!

So what do you wish to have? A good sales team or a great sales team! You can make a choice!

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Multi Dimensional Consultants was started by Mr. Sunil Haribal, a Sales Professional, who spent the first 23 years of his career in Procter and Gamble India Ltd.

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